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 The name Bow-Wow for us started back around 1970, when my father was building VW based dune buggies. He would travel to Seattle, Wash. to purchase custom aftermarket parts for the dune buggies he was building.

 Warren Buser was the owner of a auto parts store that specialized in replacement and custom aftermarket parts for air-cooled Beetles and Buses. Also custom parts for off-road and recreational vehicles based on the VW platform. Warren originally called it' Volkswagen Auto Parts' , yet VW themselves were not happy with him using their name as his own for the store. After a notice to cease using their name he thought he would use his nick name from his time in the US Navy. His fellow shipmates called him Bow-Wow. His Beagle, 'Flop' became the inspiration for the logo and so became a very recognizable name and image for his parts store.

 My father George was a frequent customer and said one day that 'I am here so often I should open my own Bow-Wow' and Warren said 'Why the hell don't you'. So in 1972 my dad opened the first 'Bow-Wow Auto Parts of B.C. Ltd. in North Delta, a suburb of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He had six stores at it's peak around B.C. and the lower mainland. George passed away Feb. 11 2000, survived by his wife Connie, their six children and six grand children. In 2007 the Bow-Wow stores closed, yet the domains and logo have been kept with the family.

 A new era for Bow-Wow seemed like the right thing to do, as we were constantly asked if we sold pet products, it seemed like a natural choice for a fresh start. We have always enjoyed the company of pets in our lives and always will.

 So as we venture down this new and exciting trail, I hope we can support you and all your fury and feathered friends of your family for years to come.



Brad Anderson

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